The Dental Emergency

Q: What do I do if I have a dental emergency?
A: The time to prepare for a dental emergency is now, before it happens.  In any of the following instances, call your dentist as soon as possible. 
If you or your child knocks out a tooth, retrieve the tooth and hold it by the crown, not the root.  If it’s dirty, rinse it off but don’t scrub off any tissue fragments that may be on it.  If possible put the tooth back into its socket in the jaw. If not, put it in a container with milk or “save a tooth” solution.  Water is not the best choice for putting your knocked out tooth in as it breaks down the remaining periodontal ligament cells which are important for ensuring that the tooth will reattach.
For a toothache, rinse the mouth with warm water to clean it out.  Floss the problem area to make sure a piece of food (such as a popcorn kernel) is not lodged against the tooth.  Do not put aspirin against the tooth or gum, this can actually burn the tissue.  Call Chips Dental Associates for an appointment.
If you break a tooth, again, rinse the area with warm water to keep it clean.  Use cold compresses in this situation and in any other instance of trauma to keep swelling down.  You should keep Chips Dental Associates’s phone number (724-443-5710 or 412-364-7144) in a visible spot along with other emergency numbers.  The next time you visit us, ask us about materials – like gauze, beeswax, topical anesthetics, and save a tooth solution – that are good to have at home in a dental emergency kit.
For more information, appointments or questions, visit us on the web at
Brought to you as a community service by Chips Dental Associates, LLC. 

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