Early Signs of Periodontal Disease

Q: How can I tell if I’m getting gum disease?

A: By the time you suspect you may have gum disease, also called periodontal disease, the condition may be well advanced. The only way you would know in the early stage of the disease is if you visit Chips Dental Associates and our hygienist or the Drs. let you know. At the outset, there is normally no pain or other symptoms. Only a dental exam can determine if the disease is present. As it advances, gum disease can make the gum tissue separate from the teeth. This creates pockets in which bacteria can settle. Once entrenched, the disease attacks the tissue and bone that support the teeth. Advanced cases of periodontal disease can severely loosen teeth.

The good news is that periodontal disease is eminently preventable. Regular brushing, flossing and visits to Chips Dental Associates can greatly reduce your chances of developing periodontal disease. Women, incidentally because of the various changing phases of life, are at greater risk for gum disease. From the onset of menstruation through the teenage years, pregnancy and menopause, a woman’s hormonal changes affect her oral health. The reason is that hormones impact the bacteria that grow on the teeth and in the mouth. Come in and speak with the Drs. Chips about the best practices to avoid gum disease.

For questions, more information, or appointments visit http://www.chipsdentalllc.com/

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