Denture Replacement

Q: How often do dentures need to be replaced?

A: When properly cared for, dentures will last a long time. Even with good care, however, they will need professional care and possibly replacement over time. Your mouth naturally changes with age. The ridge of your gums can atrophy or shrink, as can the jaw bones. As these changes occur, dentures can become loose fitting. Loose dentures can lead to sores and infection. They can also make chewing difficult and change your facial features.

The Drs. Chips can explain to you the difference between relining, remaking, and rebasing your dentures as needed. To make a rebased denture, the Drs. Chips will use the teeth from your existing denture and make a new base. Naturally if you break or otherwise damage a denture, it may need to be replaced. Though they are sturdy enough in your mouth, the danger with dentures is handling them outside the mouth. When you are removing your dentures, you should lean over a folded towel. A drop of even a few inches onto a hard surface could damage a denture. Regular visits to Chips Dental Associates are important for denture wearers. You want to make sure that your dentures are in good condition, your mouth is in good condition and have oral cancer screenings done at regular intervals.

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