Good Practices for Adolescents

Q: Do adolescents have special concerns for oral health?

A: No one has to tell the parent of an adolescent that this stage of life has its challenges. Hormones are raging and the body is changing. That’s why good nutrition and oral hygiene are especially important during the teen years. Cavities and gum disease are not limited to adults. Surveys have shown that bleeding gums are most prevalent among adolescents and that 75% of 13- to 17-year-olds have had gums that bled.

Between school and activities, adolescents lead busy lives. Their tendency to snack can lead them away from a good diet and regular meals. If they are wearing braces, remind them to keep the spaces between the teeth and wires clean by using floss threaders. There are also special orthodontic toothbrushes available on the market that make cleaning braces and teeth easier. If your teen is active in sports, you should speak with the Drs. Chips about what sort of mouth guard is appropriate.

A “boil-and-bite” type mouth guard, such as those typically found in the sporting goods store, is the starting point for protection of your adolescent’s dentition. The custom made mouthguards available through Chips Dental Associates offer superior protection and can reportedly in some cases enhance athletic performance. A mouth guard helps not only to protect teeth, but also helps to guard against concussion. It is important to realize that participating in any athletic activity without a mouth guard makes you 60 times more likely to have dental trauma. The highest level of protection will come from a custom-made mouth guard that can be obtained at Chips Dental Associates.

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