Effects of A Lost Tooth

Q: What happens if I lose a tooth?

A: In the normal healthy mouth, teeth support one another. The loss of a tooth can come from sudden trauma, or from neglect, letting a tooth decay to the point of crumbling or ignoring gum disease that can eventually destroy a tooth’s support system. If you lose a permanent tooth, you should contact Chips Dental Associates as soon as possible. Once one tooth is gone, the teeth adjacent to it will begin to shift and loosen. The end result, over time, is a domino effect of lost teeth. Not only will missing teeth put a serious dent in your smile, they may hamper your ability to speak and chew.

Depending on the circumstances, the Doctors at Chips Dental Associates may be able to correct your situation with a crown if part of the tooth is left, or a bridge. A bridge is an appliance that would be anchored on the neighboring teeth and would fill the spot where the tooth has been lost. Another option is an implant, which involves the installation of a metal post in your jaw that would anchor an artificial tooth. There must be sufficient jawbone for the procedure to be feasible, but an evaluation by the Drs. Chips would help determine whether you are a candidate. If you visit Chips Dental Associates at least twice a year for routine examinations and cleanings, tooth loss will most likely not be a problem.

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For more information or questions, visit http://www.chipsdentalllc.com/


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