Burns in the Mouth

Q: What’s the first aid for a burned roof of the mouth?
A: We’ve all bitten into a sizzling piece of pizza and had hot mozzarella scorch the roof of the mouth right behind the front teeth.  Or maybe it happened with a bowl of piping hot soup or a cup of coffee.  The result is the annoying and moderately painful burn on the roof of the mouth.  The first piece of advice, of course, is to not be so hasty with hot food or beverages.  Be a little more patient and let them cool.
But if the damage has been done, the first thing to do is get some cold liquid in your mouth to bathe the area.  This will help reduce the pain, minimizing any swelling and tissue damage and help numb the area.  If the burn is really uncomfortable, you might go to your neighborhood pharmacy and get some Orabase, an oral bandage.  The next day, start rinsing the inside of your mouth with a half teaspoon of salt dissolved in a glass of warm water.  Rinse four or five times daily for a few days and the area should heal nicely.  Talk with the Drs. at Chips Dental Associates about how to treat burns inside the mouth and about other procedures for dealing with the unexpected oral calamity that can arise. 
Brought to you as a community service by Chips Dental Associates, LLC.
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