A Primer on New Dentures

Q: What are some common problems with new dentures?

A: New dentures are most likely going to feel a bit awkward for the first few weeks. The muscles of your cheeks and tongue have to learn to keep them in place. Soreness and irritation are also not uncommon at the beginning. Eating will also take a little getting used to. Dr. Chips will probably suggest you start off with soft foods cut into small pieces. As you become more comfortable, you can return all your favorites to your diet.

You might also find pronouncing certain words to be challenging. Reading out loud and repeating the troublesome words can help. Dr. Chips will advise you on how long to wear your dentures. At the outset, he may recommend that you wear them most of the time, including while sleeping. After an initial adjustment period, your dentist will most likely want you to remove your dentures at night.

For whatever minor inconveniences your new dentures might cause, just remember that they are going to improve your smile and help you eat properly. The Drs. Chips will be able to answer whatever other questions you may have about dentures. Many patients are very happy with a new set of dentures as tooth replacement therapy, however make sure that you investigate all of your options before deciding upon which tooth replacement is the best for you. Crowns, bridges, implants and partials are all acceptable and beneficial for replacing any teeth that are in poor condition and in need of replacement.

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