Importance of Mouth Guards

Q: Why are mouth guards important for athletes?

A: For athletes engaged in certain high-contact sports like hockey and football, the benefits of wearing a mouth guard are obvious. Dental injuries can be permanent and, in some cases, though, they are costly.

The American Dental Association advocates the wearing of mouth guards as the most effective defense against sports-related dental injuries. They cushion blows that might otherwise result in chipped or broken teeth and severe lacerations to the lip or tongue. Additionally, the ADA notes that athletes at all levels, organized or unorganized, recreational or competitive, are at risk for dental injury. Even individual recreational activities like skating and gymnastics can expose a person to a mouth injury.

Ideally an athlete should be wearing a mouth guard during any physical activity, from riding bikes to playing football. The standard “boil-and-bite” type mouth guard offers the minimum protection required to help prevent dental and other injuries, but are not the most effective and can be uncomfortable to wear. The most comprehensive protection and comfortable fit is achieved by a custom made mouth guard. These are made from an impression or mold of your teeth taken at Chips Dental Associates. The dental laboratory technician can then manufacture a mouth guard just for your teeth. It will stay in on it’s own and does not obstruct breathing. Although these are more costly than those available in the sporting goods store, they more than make up for the added Q: Why are mouth guards important for athletes?
costs with added protection. As mentioned before, if it prevents one dental injury, it has paid for itself.

Mouth guards also play a role in minimizing the occurrence or severity of concussion. Some experts maintain the shock absorption quality of a mouth guard can take the sting off some blows that cause concussion.

Chips Dental Associates, LLC is committed to helping our community protect their teeth and reduce the risk of concussions. We have partnered with local schools to provide custom mouth guards for student athletes at a reduced fee. If you are a student or parent from a local school, please contact our office for more information.

Brought to you as a community service by Chips Dental Associates, LLC.

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