George Washington, what makes him smile?

I recently visited the Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh, PA where there was an exhibit about George Washington (it will be there through July), and I was inspired by how much modern dentistry could have helped good old George.   This is not Part II of this four part series about how America’s first President would have benefited from modern dentistry.  The second installment will be posted shortly but needs a few finishing touches. 

In Part II we’ll be talking about the measures available now through peer review medicine that allow us to treat dental patients differently and better than in colonial America.  These will include our basic fillings, crowns, and root canal therapies as alternatives to the extractions that were done a few years ago.  You’ll really come to appreciate the advances that modern dentistry has available to you now when you see what was done throughout history.  

Compliments of The Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh, PA

This is a photo, compliments of the Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh, PA, of George Washington’s dentures.  I think we can all agree that while this is interesting now, having these in your mouth as George did would hardly be something to smile about.  Go see them for yourself, they’ll be at the Heinz History Center through July.

Brought to you as a community service by Chips Dental Associates, LLC.

If it’s been a while since your last dental visit or you just want to get together to discuss our favorite historical character, visit

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